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MONTHLY UPDATE - December 2020

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Give the gift of cheer to those less fortunate.

For those that might not know, Dr. Nick was in foster care between the ages of 9 and 14. He knows first hand how an unexpected gift can bring a child in foster care joy and hope!

We have teamed up with three local foster families and have the names of kiddos on our tree. If you would like, please pick a name and we will give you their Christmas list, and help us spread the cheer this crazy holiday season!

Our December stickers are here for a limited time only! Ask for one at your next appointment, and end this crazy year off right With an alignment and a bit of humor! We will have a new sticker the first week of every month, so stay tuned for more!

Neck and low back pain getting worse? We've got your back!

This year has brought a TON of changes to the way we live our lives. From working from home to teaching from home, many Americans are now doing a lot more sitting. The transition from workplace to homespace for many people came at a cost, as our homes are not typically set up ergonomically for this type of work. This has caused the number who suffer from low back pain to increase drastically.

Not only are we sitting more with improper posture and workstations, but the average American's "screen time" has increased by 60%. Whether it be looking at our phones, tablets, or computer screens, the strain is all the same and our necks are taking the brunt of a lot of it. Whether you have increased low back pain, are suffering from debilitating neck pain, or both, the good news is, chiropractic can help! Many studies have shown that those that use chiropractic care have an average of 52% reduction in pain and disability scores, miss less work, and are able to return to their normal routines faster, without the use of drugs or surgeries. If you or a loved one is suffering, give us a call today and let's get you back to feeling your best for the new year to come!

Things to come...

We will be closed between December 20th and the 26th. Be sure to get in the week before or after for your adjustments!

Stay tuned for next month's newsletter as will have January's sticker as well as a fun competition for our patients to compete in for a chance to win something pretty neat! So be sure to stay tuned for the next STEP in that process!

From our family to yours, we hope you have as amazing a holiday as you can! Stay safe, stay warm, and stay healthy!

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