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May 2021


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We will be out of the office the following days this Month:

Monday, May 3rd

Saturday, May 22 - Friday, May 28th


Being a referral business, we thrive off our patient's success and referrals. So for the month of May, we will be holding a raffle contest for a chance to win something super awesome! To find out more, please like our Facebook page and stay tuned for the post where we go over all the details next week!

You can like our page by clicking HERE so you don't miss any of the details on how to enter. You won't want to miss this one!

Chiropractic and YOU!

From my experience, most people are a little bit confused about Chiropractic. What does a Chiropractor do? How does it all work? What are you feeling for? What are those "POPS?". These are great questions that patients often wonder, so let's break it all down.

What does a Chiropractor do? My job as a Chiropractor is to analyze your body and determine where it is out of balance. There are many methods for determining this, and like most professions, you might visit Chiropractors that perform their exams adjustments, and overall treatments very differently. Dr. Nick uses the Zone Technique to determine where to adjust, allowing the body to essentially "reset" different zones of the body. When a patient's zones are all properly aligned, the only option is for the body to be functioning and feeling great all the time!

How does it all work? Dr. Nick applies gentle stimulation to different points of the spinal cord that work to reset the particular zone we are working with for that visit. This reset improves the brain, body, brain communication that is necessary for proper communication, function, and expression. The end result is healing, naturally. He may also adjust your shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, or ankle, depending on what your major complaint is. He leaves no stone unturned when going about treating you and what brought you in!

What are those "POPS?" The popping noise that you hear is gasses in the joints between the bones of the skeleton that when gapped, create bubbles in the oil-like fluid that lubricates the joints, causing the bubbles to pop. It's kinda like opening a carbonated beverage. When you open it, the gasses are allowed to form bubbles that pop. These gasses then dissolve back into the synovial fluid (the fluid that lines and lubricates the joints like your car's engine oil), and after about 30 minutes could cause that popping noise again. It is not necessary, and not what Dr. Nick strives for.

Dr. Nick's main goal is to relieve the body of any interference, balancing all the systems, and allowing it to express health and wellness. Each visit he will assess a patient's zones to determine what the body needs on that visit, as every visit could differ. And that is where we shine! We treat the individual. No cookie-cutter treatment plans, therapies, and adjustments. You can feel confident on each visit that you are getting exactly what your body needs. No more. No less. Leaving you to go about your day on healing autopilot, but kicked into over-drive!

If you would like to learn more about Chiropractic and how it affects physiology, including proprioception, take a look at this STUDY.

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